The Law of Attraction – Meditation

The Subconscious Mind

Ancient eastern cultures have extolled the usefulness and virtues of meditation in various texts. Modern New Thought practitioners agree with this, and they also say that meditation is one of the most powerful techniques that can be used when involved with the Law of Attraction. Just like others techniques involved, such as visualizing and wealth – manifestation, meditation is also said to bring very positive results.

Since meditation calms the mind, it is said to awaken the subconscious mind, thus clearing the way for good positive thoughts, say exponents of Law of Attraction believers. Taking control of your thoughts and driving them towards a singular goal is simply the most potent method of achieving what you want.

A field of research called Noetic Science deals with this particular branch of metaphysics and strives to put a scientific basis on law of attraction meditation and its effects on the mind. Although still in its infancy, it has showed some promise, more than other previous attempts. Noetic study is a mix of science and spirituality, old world teachings and new world ideas.Maybe in a few years, there will be a definitive answer to whether goals can be attained through thought alone

The power of the subconscious mind, when properly channeled and harnessed, is said to be a highly effective tool. Many eastern philosophers have preached about the virtues of meditation, New Thought believers have simply applied it to Law of Attraction techniques. Using a powerful technique such as meditation brings very fruitful results, according to those who are well versed in workings of the Law of Attraction.


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