Guide to Numerology for Beginners

Numerology – an introduction


When the early humans learnt the art of counting using their fingers, there was a dramatic shift in the way human race evolved. The ability to count using numbers is the driving force behind all the progress that we have seen in diverse fields ranging from finance to science.

Numbers also started looking mystical to a discerning few and a new disciple called “Numerology” was born. Numerology is nothing but the study of the impact of numbers and using them for our well being. It is considered pseudo science, it is based on the belief that numbers carry certain vibrations and all aspects of our lives (spiritual, emotional, and physical) are governed by numbers.

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Among the mystic sciences Numerology is easy to learn and one can quickly start practising it for fun, profit or personal growth. The only inputs needed are the birth date and the full name of an individual to get started. Firstly you would need to derive your core numbers for each area of your life, then you can check out what those numbers mean. Unlike a traditional astrologer, numerologist doesn’t engage in soothsaying, it just gives a hint of what you are and what you could be and also what is holding you back.

History of Numerology

Different forms of numerology has been practised in different parts of the world and we have no definite answer to how and where it originated. Researchers believe that Babylon or Egypt could be the source as earliest ancients manuscripts came from there. It was also the Hebrew scholars who first started using the Chaldean System. Vague references to numerology was also found in ancient Japan, China, Greece, Rome. However as per recorded history Greek philosopher Pythagoras is known to have laid a framework for numerology.


Pythagoras though a mathematician was very much interested in occult science related to numbers. He believed that entire universe is intimately linked to numbers, he laid out a set of principles which was further expanded by other Greek scholars. Pythagoras is generally known as the father of numerology as his theories gave it a much needed legitamacy.

In the 20th century Dr. Julia Stenton was instrumental in compiling various aspects of numerology and using the name “Numerology” to denote Science of Names and Numbers. Today numerology is quite popularity, it is undoubtably one of the greatest self help tools available.

The Life path number

Life path number is perhaps the most important number in any numerology reading. This number sets the main direction or theme for your life, your basic characteristics and the temparament that you will carry with you through life. It is derived from the birth date and it describes the nature of this journey through life.
Life path number can be derived by first adding the month, the day, and the year together to arrive at a total. Next, reduce this four digit number to a single digit.

For example, if a person was born on October 10, 1970 (10-10-1970*), add the month 10 to the day 10 plus the the year 1970 arriving at a total of 1990. Then add the digits in 1990 arriving at 19 , again add digits in 19 to arrive at the Life Path number “1”.

Now the numerologist looks up the life path description for each number, this is description is based on empirical data and the experience of the numerologist. Go to The Life Path 1 and check the general theme for this number, since each number has its own description you should be able to present a corresponding Life path description.

Can a Name change improve life

There are many a instances of people changing their name to bring about a change in their lives. This is one of the most controversial aspects of Numerology, we are left wondering if it is just being overly supertitious. Most of the Numerologists are of the opinion that the name assigned upon birth, has the maximum influence, and it is the base vibration which effects our entire life. The names that we acquire later may have a limited or marginal impact in shaping our lives.
Numerologists believe that names can get in the way of our ambitions and endeavours in life. If there is a severe mismatch between your destiny number and name, then it is recommended that you change your name so that balance is restored. For example Take if one has a Destiny number 2 the person in question has emotional qualitities ie empathy for others, diplomacy in dealing with people, could be a good negotiator etc. If he changes to a number 8, which denotes a powerful and dominating personality this change will slowdown is progress in his field. Since this will be akin to wearing a mask over your true self.

In several cases it could result in big setbacks, for example if life path number is 7 and also the birth day is 25th(2+5=7), this could result in excess of a certain aspect resulting in a negative effect on life.

It is always wise to consult a numerologist while new born baby, selecting a name for your business or while changing your name etc.

Marriage compatibility analysis

Numerology analysis of the couple can be done to see if there are areas which could cause trouble in marriage. For strained relationships it could be used as a great tool to analyse and understand the core issues. The dynamics of relationship between man and a woman are quite complex, it is difficult to generally predict what works and what doesnt, however precaution can certainly be taken through numerology.

Opposing Life path and destiny numbers could lead to constant friction between the individuals. Just like in a friendship where generally people with similar qualities, it is important to have a similar trait in your prospective parter, such similarities will go a long way in having a meaningful relationship.
Similarly we need a matching destiny number as the general path that the individual would like to take has to match to a certain extent. As an example if the partners numbers are 6 and 5, 6 is noted for exerting control and nurturing supervision, whereas 5 thrives on freedom and space. This relationship, would work probably if the couple could identify a common ground and nurture it. They must take precaution to see that each person is fullfilled in the relationship. This is a challenging situation and the couple requiring tact, strength and compromise since the odds are stacked against them.

Destiny Number in Numerology

The Destiny number reveals your life purpose ie what you are destined to achieve in thishoroscope-96309_1280 lifetime, this is based on the full name given at the time of birth.

Destiny number is the potential hiding within you for achievement in a certain area. It is your duty to make full use of the opportunities and realize your life goal. This is different from Life path number, Life path number only shows the dominant theme in your life your native characteristics that you will carry with you through life.

To know your Destiny number, take each part of your name separately and add up the letter values using the conversion chart. Arrive at a number for each part of the name. Continue to add the numbers until you arrive at a total this is once again reduce to a single digit. Other names given later in life eg assumed name, nicknames, fancy names childhood names should not be used in the calculation. Our names may change during course of our lives for example married name, nickname etc, however just go with the exact name in your birth certificate.


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